Question & Answers regarding COVID-19


Ticket purchase is FULLY REFUNDABLE if GIAF must be cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19.
No need for you to take a risk. Alternatively, ticket remains valid for new date, depending on your preference. 

The Geneva International Association Forum was launched by the ASSOCIATIONWORLD Foundation, in collaboration with the Geneva Convention Bureau and Congrex Switzerland, earlier this year.

The much-expected two-day event will bring together representatives of international and European associations, non-profit organizations, federations, professional societies, NGO’s and universities. Its primary goal is to establish an annual international leading platform for knowledge sharing in one of the world’s flagship host destinations for associations, Geneva.

GIAF, as one of the very first events to take place after the imposed measures over the last few months, will be that opportunity to get back to business and kick off the association gatherings once more.

Events of 1000+ attendees are allowed in Switzerland as of 1 October and GIAF will proceed as planned. Switzerland ranks #1 by COVID-19 safety and has introduced the new safely label by MySwitzerland on cleannes and safety.

COVID-19 Update - Switzerland Ranks #1

Introducing the new COVID-19 safety label by MySwitzerland on cleannes and safety:

Switzerland is being ranked the #1 country by COVID-19 safety. Find different sources of information here: